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Heal yourself from the inside out

Nourish your mind, body, and soul. 
About Me
Hi, I'm Mariyam!

      My journey to holistic health started at the age of 19 when I broke out in acne. I was tired of trying different products to help “clear” my skin so I started looking up the root cause of acne. That’s when I discovered the concept of holistic health. In the beginning, I was resistant to changing my lifestyle because well, changing isn't easy. But pushing myself to change for the better was so worth it because not only did I heal my acne but the experience helped me prove to myself that I am always capable of change.


While healing my acne I realized how passionate I was about health and wellness that I decided to study at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) so that I could become a Holistic Health Coach and offer my services to help women heal. My goal is to teach women how to intuitively listen to their body, understand it, and consistently nourish it so they can glow!

      I coach women through a holistic approach because more than what we eat affects us. I aim to help my clients build small sustainable habits to help them reach their goals because it is through these habits that we see and maintain results.

I hope to help women take their health back in their own hands so they can heal, feel the best they've ever have, and inspire others around them to do the same. Nothing makes me happier than hearing my clients say that they feel better and can see the difference small consistent changes make in their life! 

Why work with me

Why work with me?

I can help with


Holistic Living

While diet is a huge part of healthy living, how we feel about our careers, relationships, ourselves, and our lifestyle have a huge impact on our overall health. 

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Proper Nourishment

Instead of removing food groups (like carbs or animal products) from your diet, focus on nourishing your body and eating on time. Eliminating food groups leads to imbalances in your body and makes it difficult to digest. But don’t worry, once you slowly incorporate these foods into your diet the easier it will be to completely digest them! Remember, your skin CANNOT heal if it does not have the necessary nutrients to heal. 

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Skin Healing

Skin issues are not problems that can be completely healed by the "perfect" skincare routine. Yes, proper skin care can help but your skin is a reflection of what is going on internally. To heal your skin you need to fix the root cause of your skin issues by making proper changes to your diet and lifestyle.

Building Healthy Habits 

The KEY to being able to live a healthy life is building sustainable habits that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and naturally prevent disease. 

Total Body Healing

When you make positive changes to heal your skin you will naturally heal all health problems you may have like imbalanced body weight and PMS (no, it not normal!).

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